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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Personal attacks on WP's Chen will 'backfire' .....

THE People's Action Party is unlikely to go 'full guns blazing' or step up personal attack on Workers' Party candidate Chen Show Mao, said two political analysts.....the MSM reported.

Will the PAP poison its own water?

We need more candidates with Chen Show Mao's "calibre" to help face the threats of globalisation from the external environment. At least, PMETs should endorse him for their own "future".

As a PMET, I could not see how PAP's manifesto and new "home-grown" candidates from Ms Tin Pei Ling to even MG Chan Chun Sing could help "Securing Our Future Together" .....

I wrote in this Blog on 29 Mar 2011 the piece " Sugar Coating of New PAP Candidates Part 2 " :-

THE People's Action Party (PAP) chairman Lim Boon Heng said at the unveiling of the party's third batch of candidates that a key issue the party will fight on in the coming election is "the kind of future" Singaporeans want for themselves and their children. He said,
"Given the environment surrounding Singapore and the competition it faces, what kind of future do we want?"
He sounded as if he was speaking as the Chairman of an Opposition Party.....

I think the answer to the outgoing PAP Chairman's earlier question is not just "what kind of future do we want?". It is the counter view, "Who can bring about this CHANGE?". And I think Chen Show Mao's candidacy is WP's belated answer "in action" to him.

DPM Teo Chee Hean said Singaporeans have to consider whether opposition parties can deliver on the "laundry list of things" they have laid out in their manifestoes, as reported in MyPaper on 20 April 2011.

He said even if certain items in the opposition parties' "laundry list of things" are similar to those of PAP's, it is "the PAP has shown it can deliver with implementation and execution".

The PAP could not blame the opposition parties yet on "implementation and execution". It is the PAP that is incumbent and in power as the Govt. The PAP had even tilted "implementation and execution" in its own favour such as for HDB Lift Upgrading.

And don't forget what PM Lee had said before in reply to CNN International Asia-Pacific managing editor Ellana Lee's question on what he would have done anything differently on hindsight for the past decade during a dialogue session as part of CNN's 30th anniversary celebrations. PM Lee said :-

"I think if we had known how quickly the pace of change would accelerate and how much our people would be under pressure from globalisation, we would have prepared them for it earlier."

Two past PAP manifestoes had failed to address and solve the common Singaporeans' future for the last 10 years in the face of globalisation, do you expect to see any "difference" to come from new PAP candidates, in the like of Ms Tin Pei Ling to even MG Chan Chun Sing, who are groomed within the "closed" warm PAP "cocoon" and political culture; to initiate a change while under the tutelage of SM Goh and MM Lee?

An intelligent Electorate should be looking at "a new shopping list for a better detergent" and Chen Show Mao could be just that "detergent" Singaporeans are looking for.

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  1. They have lost touch with the ground although they deny it. Only by reducing their majority in Parliament, can we hope to arrest their bullying ways.