Monday, 25 April 2011

Is that one lapse by a department fatal ?

GE 2011 - Quotable Quotes
Wong Kan Seng (PAP)

The former Home Affairs Minister said:

"I told Parliament the day of his escape that a mistake was made, there was a lapse in the security and I apologised for that and I said that we will do everything to find him." 
"Eventually it took us a while to locate him after he ran away and we gave the Malaysians information where he was hiding. Now, having done all that, I think people did understand that yes indeed, we have done what we could."
"Of course, the first mistake cannot be obliterated. It was there, I owned up to it, as the minister, I took responsibility for it. That's the right thing to do."
"And I think people will look at that and see on the whole, based on what I have done here for the last 27 years, is that one lapse by a department fatal to their decision on electing me or not. I think that, they will have to consider."

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