Friday, 19 November 2010

Back From Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China.

Hi there, visitors to my blog.

I am back from my annual retreat in Nanjing and hopefully afresh and ready to put up some interesting postings again. During this short break, I note there is still a sustained stream of visitors to my blog which is most encouraging.

I hope with this short break in China will help  me to do some interesting postings here, both on the Property Investment Trap and other sideliners, with a perspective from the external business environment of the world's emerging largest economy, just as China unveiled its growth plan during the recent G20 Summit in Seoul; amidst its rampant inflation CPI currently at 4.4%.

China's Vice-President Xi Jinping had just visited Singapore last Sunday, his first overseas trip since a key military promotion last month, and presided over the groundbreaking of the China Cultural Centre (located at 217 Queen Street in Singapore's Arts and Heritage District). Is this the only way for cultural exchange since SM Goh said that ties between Singapore and China are more than just political and economic? There is always another side to every good view which I hope to present here vividly.

I was watching U Channel Chinese News last night after a 3-week break. There was highlight about "insurance and safety" for a primary school's coming study tour to China. The young innocent kid was proudly interviewed and she said the trip would be "helpful" for her to understand what is the "actual Chinese Language" - I guessed she meant "properly spoken" Chinese language. If I were to face with such a situation in China, I would be totally embarassed. It seems strange that we (as Chinese) have to send our students overseas to another country to learn and understand what is "proper" Chinese language and culture. Something must have been wrong with our values and educational system since gaining independence. I recall there was once a portfolio of "Minister of Culture" while MM Lee is still so proud about our "success" for our 2nd Language education policy. Anyway, I hope to add some interesting sideliners in my postings soon.



Note : In my rush to do my lasting posting before my annual retreat, I had no time to do a final edit before posting. I had made some typo errors. I hope if you had read in between the lines, you would have had picked them up. My sincere apologies. Obvious - next likely property boom in 2015 instead of "2005". I have corrected it.