Monday, 11 April 2011


The PAP Chairman shed 3 rounds of tears when he introduced the 7th batch of PAP new candidates. It was not to bid farewell as he would not be seeking re-election as an MP and Minister Without Portfolio in the PMO. He had to impress the media with emotional "constructive engagement" instantly when a reporter asked the 3 new candidates for their counter arguments that Singaporeans feared there was "group-think" decision making amongst policy makers within the PAP Govt. Minister Lim shed tears on these 3 issues :-

(a) the "casino" issue,

(b) the impact of globalisation on the the working poor,

(c) subject of falling low income and wage stagnation - implementation of Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) Scheme.

Source : CNA

But life had gone on "as usual" for the commoners - "No casino? I’ll kill myself’"..... for this  51-year-old woman.
After a two-hour stand-off on the third day of last Chinese New Year, the children's 51-year-old mother got her way and went back to the casino.
When she returned 24 hours later, she had lost S$7,000.
It was then the children gave up trying to get their mother to quit gambling. She had already racked up debts of more than S$300,000.
Nobody shed tears for this family. Nobody shed tears when Ministers' salary was increased in 2007and this year when the "Budget gives more than required - Ministers' Pay?" but "Ministers look away as Sylvia Lim spoke on Ministerial salaries".

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No casino? I’ll kill myself

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