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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sugar Coating of New PAP Candidates Part 2 - What questions would you like to ask them most?

THE People's Action Party (PAP) chairman Lim Boon Heng said at the unveiling of the party's third batch of candidates that a key issue the party will fight on in the coming election is "the kind of future" Singaporeans want for themselves and their children. He said,

"Given the environment surrounding Singapore and the competition it faces, what kind of future do we want?"

He sounded as if he was speaking as the Chairman of an Opposition Party. The kind of future Singaporeans want for themselves and their children should have arrived for Singaporeans and already there in the minds of all  PAP Ministers, MPs and members first of all, with the PAP fully in control all these years. It was not something for the Opposition to provide, but the ruling party had or has to. However, it is something for the Opposition, as well as an intelligent Electorate, to fight for Singaporeans generally. We had a confused DPM Wong in the second introductory session and now we are seeing a confused PAP Chairman.

The headlines screamed "PAP will fight for Singaporeans' future". But it seems PAP has no clear imminent answers to issues the new media is crying about - affordable housing, foreigners and cost of living issues with income stagnation. Unless these issues are promptly addressed, the PAP is just hiding under the "Singaporeans' future" banner. Whom are the PAP fighting to solve all these problems? Is there a division within the PAP?

Or is Mr Lim pinning the blame for the lack of stratgey to help the common people as the fault of the 2 lonely opposition MP plus 1 NCMP? Is Mr Lim admitting PAP's current economic and social polices are failures, and waiting for the 2 lone-ranger opposition MPs to increase to 20, before it would think out a strategy? Or is the PAP counting on the creativity of these young innocent politicians Mr Lim had just introduced to come out with new solutions to "fight for Singaporeans' future"?

While the common Singaporeans are feeling the pain of inflation with stagnant income, the PAP Govt had not forgotten to hike its own salaries and bonuses. We hit the issue of "sustainability". The PAP leaders know how to sustain its own immediate party interests with higher salaries and bonuses, GRC system with or without gerrymandering, etc. But does it know how to sustain the interests of the common Singaporeans with or without and against the huge influx of foreigners (individuals plus corporates) ?

Presumbably, the economy will then be sustainable. But the PAP Govt is asking for Singaporeans to slave for the next 10 years in order to push up their income by 30%, that is; if they could boost productivity by 2~3 annually.

PM Lee said "I think if we had known how quickly the pace of change would accelerate and how much our people would be under pressure from globalisation, we would have prepared them for it earlier," said PM Lee, in reply to CNN International Asia-Pacific managing editor Ellana Lee's question on whether he would have done anything differently on hindsight for the past decade during a dialogue session as part of CNN's 30th anniversary celebrations. If the common people’s welfare and aspirations could be missed out in a New Millennium Dream for our country, especially if more cheaper foreign workers are then imported in to spur and sustain our economy, it is "BACKLOG" and not "what kind of future do we want"?.

But with the Election fever rising, PAP's new candidate such as NTUC's Mr Ong Ye Kung (Assistant Secretary-General NTUC) could do miracles or cast magic with "McDelivery 24/7" [trademark ©2007 McDonald's Corporation] on productivity issues for Uncle McDonald and crews' salaries could "upsize" by  at least 20% from $900 to S$1100.  Mr Ong Ye Kung should ask the former Labour Chief and his party Chairman Lim Boon Heng how gross monthly salaries for crews could have stagnated at McDonald at $900 per month for the past years to shoot up by 20% now? Was it mechanisation or human productivity first of all? No wonder he was placed in the first introduction press conference and not when Mr Lim was present (LOL)..... and I hope he had not breached McDonald's Corporation 's trademark for franchising for this "re'engineering" feat through appearing on national TV.

To be "sustainable" for ordinary workers and other Singaporeans, workers are concerned how much money they have to spent (cost of living). And so the general public is concerned how much the price of Big Mac would be, not how well if new PAP candidate Mr Ong Ye Kung  had contributed to this feat.

And this is how issues on the ground such as affordable housing, foreigners and cost of living issues with income stagnantion are manifesting and affecting Singaporeans. Nobody would seem to be bothered if Uncle Mac would make more money and McDonald's Corporation would be sustainable. Could Mr Ong Ye Kung ensure Big Mac will stay cheap and affordable, say just for his immediate term as MP to be.

I wonder how long would a YP Leader like Ms Tin Pei Ling take to fully appreciate and understand these "confused" mechanics her PAP leaders are trying to convince Singaporeans, in order to earn their precious votes. If she visits the Singapore Hardware Zone. Com site and the NTUC site, she will understand what this mess the PAP has created is all about to perfect what seems like "sugar-coating" over "Big-Mac", which nobody wants to eat. And then PAP Ministers' salaries still have to be make "sustainable" for themselves (probably Ms Tin Pei Ling future MP allowance too, as she takes a ride on our GRC System) despite the mess.

Too much sugar-coating isn't healthy !

Hence for all the following new PAP candidates introduced so far, and those to come; my own question for them is < What and how are they going to "fight for Singaporeans' future"? >. Just 2 of the 5 Ws. What about you ? What questions would you like to ask them or the PAP in order to "secure" your own future?

* Mr Ong Ye Kung

* Dr Janil Puthucheary

* Mr Desmond Choo

* Mr Steve Tan Peng Hoe

Mr Desmond Lee Ti-Seng

* Ms Foo Mee Har

* Ms Tin Pei Ling

* Mr Zainal Supari

* Mr Gan Thiam Poh

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  1. My first question to PAP is why is it that 2 pieces of deadwood are still around collecting S$3M+ a year just for talking cock to us ?

    By PAP own standards, shouldn't they have long disappeared from the political scene a decade or so ago just like the other old guards ?