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Monday, 28 March 2011

Yes to Evolution, No to Revolution?

While introducing the second batch of PAP new candidates, DPM Wong Kan Seng said, “We don’t bring new people here to conduct a revolution,” and that a revolution might have its place in other countries, it is not suitable for Singapore.

"I think Singaporeans, too will not welcome a revolution that will shake up everything and get them completely disrupted," Mr Wong said in response to a reporter’s query on how the new PAP candidates can make a difference.

"DPM Wong throws down gauntlet to Opposition" [24 Mar 2011 – TODAY] by questioning their motivation to contest and win a GRC. He added: "But what is this election about? Is it about the interests and ambitions of political parties and individual interest to create a legacy and make history? That is what voters should ask themselves."

His controversial statements seemed to be ‘out-of-sync’ with DPM Teo Chee Hean’s earlier opening conference, all with foremost intention to showcase the calibre of PAP new candidates. [Sugar Coating of New PAP Candidates Part 1]. His first salvo against the Opposition spiked a flurry of adverse comments in the blogosphere against himself rather than the PAP novice he was introducing. [Wong Kan Seng fires salvo at Opposition; 23 Mar 2011 – ST Online].

First it prompted a commenter on TODAY’s article to say, “DPM Wong shouldn't be throwing down the gauntlet. He should be throwing in the towel.”…“This country is in a terrible mess now because of so many wrong policies. However, when I see DPM Wong, the only thing that comes to my mind is how could you let Mas Selamat escape?” A blogger said “DPM Wong is firing blanks” [24 Mar 2011 – Temasek Review]. Another blogger coaxed, “Mr Wong Kan Seng, please don't score your own goal!” [24 Mar 2011 – FOOD fuels me to talk] , referring to the story of Dr Seet Ai Mee washing her hands on the eve of the 1991 general election and SM Goh’s ‘own goal’ which was re-visited in the MSM the previous weekend.

DPM Wong’s flurry of words was certainly enough to cause a “revolution” and not “evolution”. His pathetic response, so to say; must be a letter through his press secretary to say, “DPM Wong: Headline could have been clearer” [25 Mar 2011 - ST Forum] on the comments to a question on the PAP's Chinese-educated Members of Parliament who may be retiring.

Next, let’s pay some close attention to the PAP novices he had introduced. Had DPM Wong not caused a stir, the greatest attention must have been on the first female PAP candidate introduced, who is also a new citizen – Ms Foo Mee Har.

"Ms Foo’s CV shows an impressive array of local and overseas experience at the top rungs of the corporate ladder….. Unfortunately for the PAP, the rest of the candidates put forward so far pale in comparison." [Foo Mee Har's strength highlights PAP's weakness; 24 Mar 2011 – TOC].

Another blogger said, Not Another New Citizen Please!!!” [24 Mar 2011 – Personal thoughts of Singapore Political, Social and Immigration issues].

Will the Electorate judge a ‘new citizen’ candidate differently? We would not know as they are given a ride on our GRC system, especially if a heavy-weight Minister is tagged along. So is the young politically innocent Young PAP likely candidate Ms Tin Pei Ling who is very likely to contest. [Young PAP learning the ropes in MacPherson; 28 Mar 2011 – TODAY]. Should Parliament then become a training ground for PAP young candidates riding the GRC free ticket while experienced Opposition leaders are forced into NCMP seats? This is not evolution but retrogression.

DPM Wong had caused a stir. PM Lee now says that Singaporeans should ‘Think about long-term future’ and vote calmly [Think about long-term future; 28 Mar 2011 – TODAY]. In response to a reporter's question on whether there had been too much hype over the elections, Mr Lee noted that some newspapers were "getting a bit breathless" in their coverage. Are newspapers really getting “breathless” or is it a sign that the new media and the blogosphere are exerting great pressure to ‘spur’ on our state-managed MSM?

In our political system with the GRC as its anchor-weight, which already deprives many of a chance to vote, can Singaporeans really vote calmly with what PAP can simply wish to inject into our political system, such as new citizens and young immature candidates? Should we vote for the imaginary “long-term future” when the PAP is unable to deliver short-term goals, such as lowering the cost of living and to alleviate income stagnation? [Middle income worry over cost of living; 28 Mar 2011 – TODAY].

If this Election is not about “revolution” but “evolution” as what DPM Wong had said, should Singaporeans then vote calmly for “Revolutionary CHANGE” as called for by the Opposition [An Open Letter To Singaporeans; 28 Mar 2011 – Political Parties] and this worried citizen [PM Lee - Think of the future; 28 Mar 2011 – Letter to SGEP] or else would the PAP be 'short-changing' the Electorate?

THE People's Action Party (PAP) chairman Lim Boon Heng said today when introducing more new candidates that a key issue that the party will fight the coming election on is the kind of future Singaporeans want for themselves and their children. The headlines screamed "PAP will fight for Singaporeans' future". But it seems PAP has no clear imminent answers to issues the new media is crying about - affordable housing, foreigners and cost of living issues with income stagnantion. Unless these issues are promptly addressed, the PAP is just hiding under the "Singaporeans' future" banner.

To vote wisely and calmly visit SGEP for more good reads about GE 2011.


  1. The GE must be about bread and butter issues that are closest to the hearts of Singaporeans. Looking at the long term, asking for oppositions' motive to win over a GRC are mere fluff and pathetic straws in the wind of the ruling party for it has nothing more to boast about given all the bad occurrences and events that have been dogging the govt, often of its own making. This sort of talk is really like painting castles in the air. They disappear the day after the GE results.

  2. 1. Affordable housing
    What is this "housing" u r referring to? Public or private?

    2. Foreigners
    What specifically r u referring to for foreigners?

    3. Cost of living issues
    What are your suggestions to suppress rising cost of living? Use our country reserves? Or shall the govt. subsidize daily necessities like having Homebrand for everything?

    4. Income stagnantion
    As far as I know, there is job mobility if the person have the skills to move to a new role if income stagnate. Unless u r promoting seniority-based salary to have someone doing the same job with pay increments that is above inflation (tie in with ur cost of living issue).

    Frankly, the new media have no credible answers as well, seems to revel in whipping PAP as it remains strangely quiet itself.

  3. Dear Anonymous 31 March, 2011 14:07

    You seem to be flipping a book at the wrong pages or only reading the content page. Are you asking me for a summary. Anyway, I will try to pass you a few links to help you shift your only bookmark.

    1. If public housing is not affordable, what to say about private housing? Private surely are not cheap. Read :-

    2. @What specifically r u referring to for foreigners? If you know what "foreigners" means generically, you should ask MOM. I don't think our new media is that silent too. LOL.

    3. Are you asking me or the new PAP candidates? I suggest you visit my other postings "Sugar Coating of New PAP Candidates Part 1 & 2". If you have a specific target, post your question there. I will also help to flash it up, if you are not Anonymous. You may want to visit articles on surveys by TODAY on all these issues on 28 Mar 2011 first.

    4. If you don't understand what income stagnation is all about, please visit my posting "Sugar Coating of New PAP Candidates Part 2". One PAP new candidate has claimed he has resolved it all at McDonald's Corporation. But note, what I disagreed and posted to him. The PAP had been studying but not doing the homework for the past decade. If you were a student, past or present; you know what I mean understand. LOL.

    The new media need not provide the credible answers. The PAP Govt must. The PAP new candidates may have some ideas. The Opposition and the new media maybe as blur as you about this issue, but mind you they are not that dumb.

    I hope you are trying to vote wisely...
    To vote wisely and calmly visit SGEP for more good reads about GE 2011. Link :-

    You seem to be like PAP Chairman Lim Boon Heng during the 3rd presentation of new candidates. LOL. Fight for Singaporeans ... but fight with whom? Read my "Sugar Coating of New PAP Candidates Part 2" and also this link :-
    "PAP to fight for Singaporeans"