Monday, 28 March 2011

Maid for the Army

I completed my 13-year Reservist more than 10 years ago. In those days, we were talking about Army 2000. To kill the stress and boredom during Reservist Training, one way was to "joke".

These were incredible jokes then. (1) We joked about having the comfort of a portable air-conditioner. (2) We joked above having a maid to help us cope with Reservist Training chores such as carrying the PRC 77 signal set. (Must be extinct by now and found only in the SAFTI Museum).

All these "jokes" have become a reality now for our 4G Army. Enjoy this posting from No wonder our Finance Minister rolled out a $10,000 gratuity for our current reservists. Perhaps, it is meant for for maid's allowance? Including for ironing uniforms No 1 ~ 4. LOL.

(Source :

How do you think our 4G army Generals would be like when converted into tomorrow's 4G leaders in politics?

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