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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Maid carry NSman’s backpack, Chok Tong carry general

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Maid carry NSman’s backpack, Chok Tong carry general [onesingaporean Blog].

Then I realised this simple thing: BG Tan is an SAF general – you know, that kind who is suppose to lead from the front in a battle. The kind who is expected to face the devil, so to speak, face to face. The kind who is suppose to lay down his life.
The kind, you know, which is a perfect candidate to put in an SMC.
But here, our dear BG Tan – a “strong candidate” – is hiding behind SM Goh’s coattails. In fact, SM Goh is as good as carrying the little paper general into Parliament, given that Marine Parade GRC will most likely go uncontested.
A SAF general who is, apparently, seen as unfit to lead in his maiden battle in politics.
And maybe he could be your fourth PM too.....
And another question, even more pertinent in my opinion: Why should I respect someone who is shooed in from the back door, especially when he is a general in the army – the very same army with which I am suppose to lay down my life, and the army which he is suppose to lead?

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