Tuesday, 3 May 2011

If George Yeo goes, it’s the PAP’s fault

If George Yeo goes, it’s the PAP’s fault [ Politics / Blog ].

The PAP Govt created 9 NCMP seats, hoping to avoid the loss of a GRC fight, and to tilt the balance of the GRC System in favour of the PAP. The writer of this article shares my thoughts on what I wrote in this Blog earlier,

Minister George Yeo should put his emotional blame on the GRC System and not the WP for making this Mother of Election Battles to grap a GRC possible. If there is no such battle, it could be Singaporeans' greatest regret in life.

 It seems that the GRC system is now not just tilted only against the Opposition but also a more sophisticated Electorate. PAP should be weary of this new divide. Politics must evolve ...


  1. George Yeo for president!

  2. BG Yeo is a good minister.
    His opponent make use of dialet group to win which is a danger to our country, it will create civil wars!

  3. De Leviathan @ Sg10 May, 2011 11:22

    TO Anon 8 May 03:27.

    Sorry for late release of your comment due to Cooling Period and Polling Day.

    BG Yeo is a good minister but our GRC is a bad system.

    I disgree with you that "dialect" is a "danger". For baby-boomers like myself borned in the 60s, we are so comfortable with dialacts. To the contrary, I feel it is a "coolant". It is "cool" to be able to communicate using "dialacts". There are so many "dialacts" in China, and it is also not a problem there while Mandarin is used as "common language".