Thursday, 5 May 2011

Singapore General Election - News and Issues

Singaporeans spent hundred of thousands and millions of dollars in acquiring a property (HDB or Private) but are generally apathetic towards politics.

Are you following up enough on "POLITICS" in order to shape our own political destiny and to safeguard the value of your properties?

Read about political issues and news about the coming GENERAL ELECTION at the SINGAPORE GENERAL ELECTION PORTAL (SGEP).

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(1) CNN International's : Alexis Ong : Singaporeans just don't give a damn.
What's going on with Singaporeans? What sort of incentive do we need to care about ourselves and the people around us?

(2) My Letter published in TODAY, VOICES December 03, 2009 : Who will play countercheck role?

(3) Project Engineer Alex Tan's take on : What led Singaporeans to Apathy?

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