Thursday, 5 May 2011

Come 8 May 2011 ..... ?

Come 8 May 2011, will a more intelligent Electorate relinquish its hold on the steering wheel of the GRC System and let the "driver" takes you where he wants or will the passengers "slap" the driver who refuses to take a "co-driver" when the road ahead looks more enduring, if not treacherous?

Will homes in Hougang and Aljunied GRC get cheaper and even more affordable or will high home prices all over Singapore suddenly become "affordable" overnight for all Singaporean voters to swallow, ruminate and regret for another 5 more years?

Come 7 May 2011 Election Day
Don't forget, how the hand of the "election" cards will play out depends on you too, as a member of the Electorate; and you can make it happen.


  1. Hi nice comments. I think it will become really affordable. China has finally start to crash but not sure if the trend will continue for the year and pap has upped the supply a lot this year. Is your forecast still for a 2012 bust?

  2. Hi James

    I will do and write my analysis only after 8 May 2011. Just in case someone would blame me. LOL.

    MBT already talking about pushing up the monthly income ceiling to $10K for buying HDB BTO. I wrote about it here before PM Lee's N-Day Rally last year, if you recall.

    For the few persons who wrote personal emails to me recently, I did not advise them to buy yet but to watch.