Friday, 12 August 2011

Presidential Election Watch Part VI - They really know how to cajole!

As the PE Race hots up with 4 CoEs issued to the 4 TANs, the NTUC 19 affiliated unions are drumming up their support behind the unofficial PAP-endorsed candidate, Dr Tony Tan.

Quote from TODAY Aug 12, "S'pore economy on course: Lim Swee Say" :-

"Labour Chief Lim Swee Say says the Singapore economy should stay on course even as the global economy heads for another storm."

"Mr Lim, who's also the Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, stressed that Singapore's drive towards a cheaper, better and faster economy must continue."

"He's confident that Singapore workers can "do it again", in the same way they overcame the economic downturn in 2009."

While both Dr Tony Tan and DPM Tharman are warning about the same economic "storm" looming ahead, the NTUC Chief is 'confident that Singapore workers can "do it again" '.  Don't forget Dr Tony Tan would support a CPF and wage cut for all Singaporeans, to the extent of citing a controversial report [Read my posting -"Presidential Election Watch Part III - Dr Tony Tan & Singaporeans' CPF Savings & Wage Cuts" ]. But goodness, are workers expected "to do it again" and have their CPF cut again to "upturn the downturn" but with an EP concurring and "intimating" it to our PM? If there is no "Voice of the People", we would not even know about it, while he is doing this in protecting our reserves.

Tan Kin Lian with Supporters
I wonder if DPM Tharman's definition of "fairness" in his N-Day speech to Bukit Batok grassroots is same as what Tan Kin Lian is talking about in his PE campaign, based on the 5 values of "honesty, fairness, positive attitude, courage and public service".

When Tan Kin Lian left NTUC Income in 2007, it was before the Lehman Bros Crisis. Certainly, the NTUC top management would believe then in having "to professionalise" the managment when the whole world was talking about it to justify their "million-dollar" salaries. Were the NTUC Income's investments hit by the 2008 Lehman Bros Crisis soon after Tan Kin Lian left? If not, who was the CEO who made the long-term investment before the crisis? I know they would argue the Board must be smarter than the CEO then. I am wondering.

Who were those who probably had an eye over the NTUC Income board? Certainly, not without the current and previous NTUC Labour Chief. One has a "deaf frog" mindset thinking we will be "on course even as the global economy heads for another storm." The other had shed 3 rounds of tears to impress Singaporeans that there was no group think within our Govt and is now having more than 5 years to ruminate and regret during retirement for not objecting to build the 2 casinos. Maybe one day, both of them will ruminate and regret  having had to "to professionalise" the management of NTUC Income once upon a time. Will it be this coming crisis?

They really know how to cajole!

Better believe in "Voice of the People" and trust the 5 values - Honesty, Fairness, Positive attitude, Courage and Public Service.

Voice of the People

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