Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Presidential Election Watch Part VII - Is Dr Tony Tan Tailing Behind in the Presidential Election Race?

Yahoo News (Singapore) did a survey. The poll has expired and the results are as shown below.


What kind of President do you want for Singapore?

Someone who questions government policies (3552) 71%
Someone who will act only as advised by the Cabinet (81) 2%

Someone who will make protection of reserves the top priority (1161) 23%
Someone who will be a figurehead, focusing on ceremonial duties (199) 4%

If the results shown above were anything close to represent what is actually the feeling on the ground, about 71% had voted that they want "Someone who questions government policies" as President. Considering the sample size, it should be representative.

If so, the candidate who is unofficially endorsed by the ruling PAP Govt. Dr Tony Tan must be tailing in this PE Race since he had declared he would only fit the role as defined by our Constitution and as interpreted by Law Minister K Shanmugam.

I have been observing what issues Dr Tony would finally bring up to anchor his campaign. It looks certain that he would not deviate from the "threatening" economic condition facing the world economy.

Dr Tony Tan was speaking at the NTUC financial and business services cluster National Day observance ceremony on 19 Aug morning when he said :-

"If the impact of the financial and economic contagion spreads to Singapore, as we have seen in 2008 and 2009, the consequences can be very sudden, very widespread and very destructive."
"As I said, I think we should start making contingency plans. Be prepared, it's not too early so that if the crisis hits us, we have the plans ready,"
Since the President also has a diplomatic role in business delegations, Dr Tan said he can create opportunities for Singaporeans and its businesses overseas..... 
Remaining optimistic, Dr Tan is convinced that the nation's best days lie ahead and said, "With the right leadership, co-operation between the government, employees and unions, we can face the future with confidence."
You can read more about it in thie Yahoo report [ Link : Gov’t should be prepared for economic uncertainties: Tony Tan ]

Is Dr Tony Tan trying to cite economic uncertainties to instill some fear in voters in order to win votes. He is drawing out PAP past economic "weapons" as a supporting argument while he has only custodial powers if elected and does not believe in "Voice of the People". Had he forgotten that he had spoken in the past as DPM in support CPF and wage cuts for all Singaporeans while citing a controversial PERC report?

At his rally, he is bound to cite the "resilient package" again as a PAP carrot to aid his campaign. Singaporeans will be "daft" and confused.

His warning was again repeated last Sunday in the following Yahoo New report :-

But will he questions the Govt policies to favour Singaporeans at large? Will he supports another CPF cut knowing Singaporeans' past CPF savings have been greatly reduced due to the various crises and the blunt use of the CPF as an economic tool to save an ailing economy in the past.

The NTUC is going "all out" in support of Dr Tony Tan's candidacy. Suddenly, they are starting to raise issue with the CPF of those reaching age 50, or the baby-boomers borned in the late 50s and 60s. See my re-posting of TODAY's report in this blog and my comment : "TODAY Online Singapore - CPF for older workers should be reviewed : Seng Han Thong"

I am really looking forward to what he would say in his lunch-time Rally at Raffles Place. It will demonstrate how serious he views the contest at this critical stretch with Polling Day just round the corner this Saturday. If Singaporeans are smart enough to understand the individual platforms of the 4 PE candidates, it looks certain Dr Tony Tan will have a hard time.

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  1. What do you really expect from Mr Tony Oily Tan. He said motherhood statement like young entrepreneurs should be allowed to fail and try again. Clearly he's clueless. People are always failing..what exactly is recreating a silicon valley? Go get all the GLC out of the way firsts and leave the governing job to govt, and businesses to businessman/woman then come and talk. Give concrete fundings to help these people instead of just free advice..!