Thursday, 25 August 2011

Come 28 August 2011 .....?

In my last posting, I asked if Dr TT is tailing, based on the Yahoo News survey. There was a high percentage polled out of the nearly 5,000 respondents, some 71% who would prefer "Someone who questions government policies". Is this also saying something like Dr TT will get nearly 30% of the votes?

In any public chatroom in the Internet, if there were only few chatters; "weird" comments could be totally ignored. If there was a long list of comments, and the comments were nearly all negative, it would also not generate 100% votes against a candidate closely related to the ruling PAP party. 100% negative comments would probably garnered 60% pro-PAP or 40% pro-opposition votes as observed during GE2011.

Hence, how will the EP results turn out in 2011?

This is a nice piece "The ugliest election in Singapore history?",  by writer Catherine Lim in Yahoo News. I believe she is one who will never download any "apps" from the PAP into her grey matter.  LOL.

If only she would stand for election, our preamble in Paragraph 1 above that 71% would prefer "Someone who questions government policies" would be put to real test, and we could perhaps see the first lady President just like what Dr Tony Tan mentioned in his opening paragraphs at his lunch-time Rally speech.

Wow, read this :-

"the constitution was created more than 20 years ago by a self-serving government that provided it with enough ambiguities to allow for an interpretation that will always suit their purpose, it is no longer relevant. Indeed, it contradicts the new spirit of openness, transparency and expanded powers for the people"

But until then, how will our political climate be evolving with PE 2011? The average Singaporeans may not be politically matured to understand how our legal mechanics would work, but they are certainly the people  casting the votes and might even vote on instincts or emotions.

From scenario in Paragraph 1 above, where some 30% of the votes might be stuck on the extreme right (held by Dr TT) end of the spectrum, will a swelling middle ground then encroach into the comfort zone on the far left 30% occupied by TJS?

The answer seems to lie in the crowd at TKL's Rally held at Yio Chu Kang Stadium last night because TCB has yet to have his when this posting was written. Just look at the crowd that turned up last night despite the frequent personal attacks on TKL in the blogosphere by those crankiest of all.

It would be interesting to interpret the PE results come May 28. Will this "swelling middle" ground snatches away a substantial portion of TJS's would-be voters to create the closest fight of all amongst only 3 TANs. The loudest TCB's yet to be held Indoor Rally in theory should be aimed strategically at grabbing more votes from Dr TT's 30%. Then Paragraph 1 scenario above would not just be assumption but reality.

Come 28 August 2011, will Singaporeans be unified in the same boat? As one rally speaker had said with analogy, what "boat" would we be rowing in? [some emphasis for clarification are mine] :-

(a) Dr TT : Let's row forward in the same boat ? [With the same PAP policies]

(b) Dr TCB : Let's row forward in the same boat but more slowly ? [With same PAP policies but he will certainly take his time to sort things out, don't forget his "Singaporeans First" took 12 years for him to claim credit and only now when he stands for PE]

(c) Mr TKL : Let's change the boat ? [With Voice of the People]

(d) Mr TJS - Let's row the same boat but in the opposite direction ?[With confrontational politics? - N.B. Politics is not just about you saying you would chose not to confront.....].

Let's vote with conviction and look forward to 28 August 2011 for the real answer. Hi 5 !

Tan Kin Lian giving his rally speech in different languages

Tan Kin Lian & Voice of the People

Mr & Mrs Tan Kin Lian

Crowd mobbed TKL with Hi-5 as media team tried to get the best shot.
Tan Kin Lian Hi-5 with supporters after rally.

Supporters carrying placards of the 5 values - Honesty, Courage, Fairness, Positive Attitude, Public Service & Voice of the People

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