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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Story of the Year 2011 - Of Tall Trees (Leviathan) and Mushrooms

2011 was an eventful Year. The World was "rocked" with events from The Great Sendai / Miyagi Earthquake and Tsunami  ... The Great Bangkok Flood ... just as NZ Christchurch was jolted by another quake  as I started to draft this posting while the Euro-Zone Crisis continues..

It had been an exciting year for me personally. Two major events had been most significant, meaningful and memorable for me to have participated in 2011.

(a) The Presidential Election Campaign
(b) The Opening of the New Clementi Interchange

The first was for supporting a friend on a worthy cause and brought me closer to a better understanding of the new social media.

PE 2011 Collectibles

The second was part of my regular job for a project and brought me closer to look at the recent events hitting the SMRT as a public transporter. Both has a wave of nostalgia.

Does the arrow means MRT and Bus fares will  continue to rise as HDB flat prices skyrocket in the background ?

I was thinking what to write to close for 2011 and to welcome 2012 in a new way for this blog. I thought it would be great to recap the following "Story of the Year 2011" which now appears very well said during the last General Election, retrospectively.


The story was :-

...about a village which was sheltered by special tall trees which protected it from storms. Yet the villagers were tempted by mushrooms which spouted only every five years.

"The villagers asked, 'Are these mushrooms any good? They are so pretty. Shall we remove some of these tall trees and allow the wild mushrooms to grow?' And so the wise old man told them that these mushrooms may look pretty but some of them are poisonous, and 'if you associate too closely with them, these wild mushrooms will weaken us, stunt our growth, and retard our development. Leave them alone, protect the trees, these trees are special trees'."


As if a magical spell was casted, we watched the "story" befallen on the SMRT, as I also wrote here in this blog about its corporate culture; and ironically on the great story teller during GE 2011.

If the CEO can't change the culture and the Leader (great story teller) could not spot the poisonous mushrooms, what do you do? Appoint a "BOI" and bring in an Union "Superman" while another tries to stamp out the villagers' noise?  There are no more Wise Old Man to "re-juvenate" this simple story of Tall Trees (Leviathan) and Mushrooms again ..... One must at be an ardent practitioner of taiji or at least make it to the Exco of an International Tai Chi  Federation to stay cool when the crisis get too heated up. Does this sum up "what politics are all about" (when we struggled to  Hi 5, LOL) ?

It is easier to tell a story than solve an organisational cultural issue as the reality will unfold.  With this, I close 2011 for this blog, as we await Story of the Year for 2012 - "How to lower Ministers' Million Dollar Salaries without having them to ruminate and regret for 5 years?". I will return with a new series on What exacerbates Middle Income Stagnation in Singpore and the Marginalization of PMETs jobs due to "Foreign Talents" in the new year.

All the best in the New Year ahead. Cheers.

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