Saturday, 17 September 2011

Revisiting The Property Bubble & Investment Trap Part I - What's next with the MND Minister, with the New Parliament Opening Soon?

Read this posting in Yahoo News :- Private home and EC sales slide 16 per cent in August. Sales slide but not the price.

REDAS is requesting the Govt to review the current control measures on property purchases.

Since the stepping down of Mr Mah Bow Tan as MND Minister and the taking-over by Mr Khaw Boon Wan, I believe nothing has changed to the pricing formula for new BTO flats or even EC. If Mr Mah could not explain about profits on BTO flats and do something to the pricing formula, I believe there is nothing more Mr Khaw would do too, judging from his actions so far.

Happy watching to you on what our Govt can do further to the property market, while I follow up more closely on the "external drivers" to bring you more interesting reads and postings, as this article by Collin Tan in TODAY seems to suggest, Link : Worry more about risk levels and less about supply. And if you had read my posting on 14 Jan 2011, The Property Bubble & Investment Trap Part XIV - Opening Shock in 2011; it could also be something for you to ponder and know why Collin Tan had said to "worry more about risk levels" and "less about supply".

The developers would want to push out new "supply" to test and push up the private property market, and the Govt would still want to profit from "land sales" [especially when GIC had just lost more billions from investing in UBS] ... and there you are, its back to "EC" after taking exactly one year to adjust "income eligibility bracket" for BTO and ECs, after PM Lee had announced it in the previous N-Day Rally and having seen MBT stepping down from his MND ministerial post.

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