Thursday, 5 August 2010

Leviathan at Work at SMRT again - Babies cannot drink on MRT trains?

I must re-post this link (14 Jun 2010) again after seeing the SMRT video on national NEWS last night showing SMRT staff stopping two commuters from bottle-feeding their babies with milk or water.

Once again this exhibits the silly Leviathan mindset typical of Singaporean Authorities, and again the SMRT. It is certainly a negative demonstration of productivity of SMRT staffs and the senior management must be proud of the video, if not their Head of Corporate Communication would not have approved it for filming and showing on national TV prime time NEWS deliberately.

May I raise this question to honour SMRT? - Is this a job for the super-salaried CEO, Ministers, PM or Superman?

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  1. Haha.. in Boston, US; you could even bring your dog on the train!