Monday, 14 June 2010

Leviathan At Work at SMRT

After the seemingly "face-losing" act of not preventing and discovering the security breach by a Graffiti painter at its "restricted" Changi Depot premises, the SMRT seems to be trying to recover ground by projecting an "on-the-ball" image, through catching a granny feeding milk to a baby on a moving SMRT train to enforce the "no drinking and eating" rule.

Once again this exhibits the silly Leviathan mindset typical of Singaporean Authorities.

ST Forum
Jun 14, 2010
Letter By Michelle Joan Fernandez (Mrs) 

LAST Friday, at about 3pm, my mother, my aunt and my six-month-old child were travelling on the North-East Line from Outram to Serangoon.

My mother was feeding my baby milk from a feeding bottle during the journey when a staff member approached her and stopped her from doing so. He told her that the "no drinking and eating" rule applied to everyone, including babies.

When my mother explained to him that my baby was crying and needed to be fed, he told her that if she continued to feed the child, she would have to get off the train and seek permission from the station master. My mother was then forced to stop feeding my crying child.

Is the train operator so unreasonable as to forbid a baby from drinking milk? Would it also forbid a mother from breastfeeding her child?

I am shocked that this can happen in a society that is encouraging people to have more babies.

Michelle Joan Fernandez (Mrs)

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