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Friday, 4 June 2010

Garish Graffiti & Security Breach By A Swiss National - Next Michael Fay?

Will this Swiss national, who is 2 years younger than Micahel Fay now,  face the same fate as 18-year-old  Michael Fay in 1994 ? And he had also committed a serious security breach in a restricted area.

Or is this an advertising stunt from SMRT, following SINGPOST ?

The HR Department of the SMRT does not believe in "human guard" security. They believe in having "cameras" security. Look at the number of cameras SMRT has installed at each exit.

What if the culprit was a terrorist and had planted a time-bomb in that MRT train for the morning "sardined" crowd?

They would think that it was HOMETEAM's job to ensure security. This is a big issue about interfacing responsibilities between our Government departments.

Or is that a job for the super-salaried Senior Minister and Co-ordinating Minister for National Security DPM ?

Straints Time Online Jun 4, 2010
MRT train vandalised
Man arrested; incident raises security concerns at restricted areas
By Teh Joo Lin
A screen grab taken off YouTube showing the graffiti-painted train in service. A commuter had shot video footage of the train pulling out of Kembangan MRT station and posted it on the video-sharing website. The train plied its route for an unknown period of time, in full view of commuters. -- PHOTO: YOUTUBE

AN MRT train parked in a depot was hit with garish graffiti in what amounted to a serious security breach in a restricted area here.

The vandal apparently sneaked into the sprawling depot at Changi, despite an array of barriers, including fences topped with barbed wire.

Once inside, he spray-painted elaborate graffiti on one side of a train, across one carriage. The Straits Times understands that the vandal, a 33-year-old Swiss national, cut through the fence of the depot along Xilin Avenue, in what is believed to be the first such case of vandalism here.

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